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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

t that it also happens at the level of senpai/kohai
I have seen it happen at this level, in fact in an old association I was amused to hear of one preeminent instructor (in their own mind at least) chide a kyu grade for daring to resist one of their techniques. I think this is one area where the misinterpretation of respect and "it's budo" comes to the fore at the expense of training. For me, I am not providing respect for my training partner, of any level, by providing a less than honest feedback to their technique.

Yes, there can and will be mitigating factors - dumping your teacher while they're doing a demo even I would consider perhaps a little excessive. However, in general I would expect people to react within normal training with the appropriate level of resistance to the technique that is warranted.
That's an awful lot of supposition based on a few still pics
but it did make a nice shoe-in for a topic
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