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Extension of Ki

I was taking part in a Ki Aikido seminar in London, some years ago.During the lunch break, I went to the toilet to shift some of the vast amount of tea,already consumed that morning. I was alone in the toilet, apart from another aikidoka, who shall remain nameless.There I stood, hakama hitched up,trying with no success, to empty my bladder,as usualI cannot go, if anyone is in the room. Suddenly the voice of the other aikidoka came from behind me, at this point I should mention, that he was at the mirror, trying to put in his contact lenses in, 'I always have that problem` he said ' I cannot go if anyone is in the room, I just completely relax, and extend Ki through my penis, I find that works`..... It was at that point, I made my excuses and left before I collapsed in a heap on the floor in a fit of giggles.
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