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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Is that possible that Doshu already is in the "exit from form" stage of his Aiki development?

In the old Chinese Marital practice, the students weren't taught any technique but standing still, or standing like a tree trunk literally. At cerntain ranking interval, the master would try to push over the students. Anyone who got pushed over had to continue to stand like tree for another year. Those who's talented enough to figure out how to connect his body as one and rooted to the ground got to the next stage.

The next stage, only 6 or 8 cata were taught. Again, the student had to demonstrate he's worthy of being taugh more at end of the year. Sometime, a tree pushing demo was done. Literally, the student push to bend a thick tree truck.

In Aikido, there is not test to show that the students understand the pricincples. You blame the situate on the dishonest lower ranking Uke?

I blame the Aikido hombo.
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