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Re: Aikido injuries

Hi all,

Just to get things cleared so that you guys can get back on track with my thread:

Yes, I'm a caring parent and I take a keen interest in my children's pursues but I would not stand in their way unless the pursues are extremely detrimental to their wellbeing - drugs for example. My own parents had granted much freedom during my youth and I have done pretty much and enjoyed all the youthful pursues (except drugs) including martial sports.

It has been my daughter's lifelong ambition to become a doctor and surgeon. She has worked very hard to come this far. Being the father's daughter, she also loves sports and outdoor pursues - she loves life just like me. She trusts herself and she trusts her sensei and dojo mates. But, trust can be abused just like those boys who have been viciously injured by an egotistic instructor.

Filial piety is not an issue here. Risk assessment is part of her lifelong education.

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