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Re: Aikido injuries

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Hi James,

I have to disagree that the unarmed techniques in aikido are from anything other than Daito ryu. I have yet to see any substantive proof for that assertion. While Ueshiba Sensei certainly trained in other arts for relatively short periods of time, researchers, scholars, budoka in general have so far failed to show any substantive connection to those arts in relation to our empty hand techniques. Of course, I try to remain open to anything new that comes out...if you have some hard evidence of this, I'd love to see it.

Where did Daito ryu get its unarmed techniques from...?

Maybe I'm the only guy that sees this, but...

Sankyo is similar to the kenjutsu stance hasso no kamae, the difference being that you hold an arm instead of a sword. When you perform your projection from sankyo, you extend your hands and bring them back to your center, like cutting with a bokken.

Imagine being a swordsman and performing mune tsuki with your weapon into your enemy's belly. To worsen the wound and free the weapon, you twist the blade ninety degrees and step through, cutting all the way across their midsection. Then, holding the sword in jodan no kamae (on top of your head) you turn 180 degrees before bringing a cut straight down, beheading your adversary (who has crumpled forward after being disemboweled)...

Now imagine the same movement, only instead of a sword you hold uke's wrist. With movement designed to kill, you've actually performed a throw...

Shiho Nage.

It may be BS to some, but I SEE this stuff when I perform technique. Let your imagination do its thing during solo practice. Perform the throws you know and imagine a sword, spear, or staff in your hand. Cool stuff.

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