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Re: Aikido injuries

James Davis, Jr. wrote:
O'sensei learned other stuff prior to Daito ryu aikijutsu, and I think that's what the poster was referring to. Many of our empty handed techniques are derived from kenjutsu and yarijutsu movements. O'sensei took movements that were designed to maim, kill, poke, stab, slice and dice and (admittedly with a lot of tinkering) adapted them to defensive unarmed techniques. Cool stuff.
Yes, Mr. Davis you are correct. Thank you.

Mr. Tisdale,

I was just speaking in general. Maybe, I should have said Japanese feudal techniques of war, both empty handed and of weaponry. It wasn't my intention to create a fuss, I was not aware that what I had said would have been a point of contention and taken as you indicated spurring another discussion. I apologize for not being aware of it.

Anat Amitay,

Thanks for the reply. I see your point. We live in a modern age where Fidel piety means different things to different peoples then in Japan say during Osensei's childhood. This may be wrong of me, but if you are taking Aikido seriously like the daughter then conflicting with parents in this type of decision (arguably) might go against the spirit of Aikido. I am not speaking from fanatical position where extremism is the norm. Rather, that after training in Aikido it should be apparent that Fidel piety is a part of training. Aikido is after all a life style. Aikido, as life style / art, has many Japanese cultural components in it, it is not purely a technically mechanical exercise; there has to be to some degree practice of other Japanes cultural practices that makes up Aikido beyond mat etiquette. I think there is a fundemental symbolism between Sensei and parent. If you obey/obeyed your parents you will follow instruction and respect the figure of the Sensei, mirroring the same type of thing between school teacher and parent. IMO. That is where I was coming from, FWIW.

In respect.
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