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Lightbulb testing and asking questions.

for those who see this post and may think that is one ego filled person, i say sorry for getting this post across in that way. for the sensi's who laugh at my ingorance I say sorry to you to. For the people who accually read my post i say thank you for your time.

well, today I tested for 4th kyu in Yoshinkan. I dont know if I passed or not because they will annouce that in 2 weeks. But prior to the test I learned a lot about myself and aikido. we reveiwed the basics and have learned a lot. I really learned a lot about asking questions.

I learned that asking questions is a great tool for learning as long as your not doing it for attention and you are trying to learn. Most likly more than one person will have the same question that you have but are shy to speak out. All I have to say is dont be shy you wanna learn so ask! I also learned that with different questions you can accoplish different things. like you may have a question on how one did a movement in a technige and you will clear up your confusion. but in another example the sensi may speak about a movment or consept and if you ask the question in the form of a answer/ question you may clear up or confirm your understanding of what sensi is talking about. If people never asked questions what would the world be like today? would we even had Aikido? So, asking questions in another way to evolve your understanding and also help the art evolve. myabe the sensi ponders on your question for some time and learnes something himself that may change how the class is tought or how the art is looked at.

try not to be selfish when asking questions ( Ok i know i am sometimes selfish in this respect to.) like if it is a big question and you dont want to share it with the class but may really help the whole class try not to keep it to you and sensi!

these are just a few things i have learned while i was reveiwing for the test. any commits or suggestions are welcom in warm arms (or shall I say fingers?)

Dallas Adolphsen
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