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Re: Poll: How deficient is your instructor's abilities in teaching aikido to you?

I am of course "new " to Aikido. I am able to judge skill levels of the people I practice with. My Sensei, although he would beg to differ, has no deficiency that I can see.

I beleive that part of the spirit of Aikido is not to judge but to learn. If I see something that is not working the way it should, from myself or anyone else, I try to not incorporate that in my Aikido. It is not a deficiency , just a technique that is not done being honed or developed.

Part of O Sensei's teaching was not to question or judge others around you but to continue in your own study of Aikido. This is my way of doing just that. Everyone else can and does have their own way to be sure. That is what makes Aikido great for me.

Thank You for your time,

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