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Re: Poll: How deficient is your instructor's abilities in teaching aikido to you?

Charles Moulton wrote:
Since I am still learning, any deficiency would be hard to spot to begin with..

Secondly, who would I be to determine any deficiency of any person in Aikido. I may not understand why another person may do things the way they do or may not have learned it in that way but that is no place for me to decide deficiency.

We are all students no matter how far along we are.

Thanks for the time,

Of course everyone should maintain the concept of shoshin shogai. However that does not mean one cannot look at a person and evaluate their skill level. Of coruse this is difficult for the rank beginner but through practice one slowly acquires the ability to notice the diffeneces and subltities that set people apart. This holds true in anything: Football, Poker, Track & Field, etc. Therefore, to say that no one is able to judge the talents of another within Aikido is a bit erroneous in my opinion.

There are definitely differnt levels of ability anf teaching (two seperate categories in my mind) in the Aikido world. Some teachers are going to be better than others. And while loyalty is important, if a student truely desire to learn all of Aikido they can; to grow wider and deeper in the art, than they are probably going to have to move beyond their initial instructor in the art. Not to mention that the goal of any dedicated instructor should be to make thier students better than they have become. An instructor should guide the student past the mistakes and pitfalls they have made in order to ensure that the student grows and moves forward at a rate they were not able to do so.

If, after training for a significant period of time, a student comes to the conclusion that their instructor is not providing them with this level of instruction, I see no problem with making the decision to move on. If there is the opportunity to do so.

Keith Lee
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