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After reading the discourse here, the following points came to mind.
1. On the subject of Aikido vs. MMA, actually Aikido is a mixed martial in which the founder incorporated elements from jujitsu, sword-fighting, spear-fighting and others. So there really is no debate. The only real question is, gIs it mixed to your liking?h If so, believe in it fully and do with all your worth. If not, throw in your own stuff, start your own school and call it something different.
2. Boxing rings are a lot more forgiving than real ground. Did you ever see Superfly-Snooka do a backflip off the top rope and land on his knees or stomach and win with a three count? It never looked like it hurt that much. My point? This is good if you are BJJ and donft want to hurt your knees taking someone down, but not so favorable if you want to use an Aikido throw to make someone gone with the concrete.h
3. I was watching a Japanese UFC called Pride the other day where a Japanese professional wrestler beat one of the Gracie boys. Broke his rib with a well-placed knee.
Does that mean we should all become Hulkamanaics?
It would mean very little if an Aikidoka won one of these events sunless he could keep winning everyday for the rest of his life. Otherwise people would not speak of the Aikidoka, but would talk about the one who beat him. But suppose he did go undefeated until the end, and then ended up with some side-effects like Parkinsonfs disease. Could that really be considered winning?

Cheers to all of you who didnft mind my gratuitous references to professional wrestlers
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