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Re: Seidokan Aikido

Dmitry Doronin wrote:
I don't want to sound stupid, but... do you consider Seidokan to be as effective as Aikikai in case of unfortunate necessity, assuming equal levels of training?

Hi Dmitry,

In this case, it really boils down to how good the individual is as opposed to how good the art is.

Dmitry Doronin wrote:
I understand the point: "come and see", but that's me, I tend not to believe to my eyes if I don't understand what's going on there at all ...Of course I'm going to visit a few dojos in my area to see what I like more, however I'm concerned with my ability to evaluate it correctly given I have zero experience. So, I'm just trying to get some basic information to know what to look at.
Based on this, how much easier is it to determine whether what I say over Ron or Craig is more accurate, when we all could be? This really is going to be a case of suck it and see, most of the people here, regardless of association or style agree on this. But don't justy watch, join in, then you can feel as well as see.

There's a thread around here somewhere, or an article in one of the other sections (unable to find it right now as my system seems to have jammed up), that highlights things to look for when going to see what Aikido is all about, it's certainly less about style and more about the interaction between people in the dojo. I'll edit this post if I can find it.

and here it is



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