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Re: Aikido injuries

My daughter and I thank you "Special Appearance" for your for the information you provided.

As I have mentioned earlier, the chief instructor at the medical school where my daughter trains is a licensed general practitioner (MD) who runs his own clinic. He has assured me that aikido is not as dangerous as I perceive. He said that he has trained in aikido for a very long time and he still has a pair of trusty old hands for his general practice. He also assured the students that the vicious instructor in question would not at anytime be instructing at the medical school. Fair enough, the instructor in question did not use any students of the medical school for his demonstration. He used two or three of his personal students for the demonstration where he shown various knife disarming techniques. I approached a couple of these students after the demonstration to inquire whether they have suffered any serious hand injuries. They confirmed they have injuries, all received from the same instructor. They have trained with him for quite a long time and they are amongst a few who can break falls or receive techniques from him.

With the information provided by "Special Appearance", my daughter and her aikido mates will also seek advice from the visiting professors at the medical school who some of them are also practicing surgeons.

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