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Re: A different aikido perspective

Hi Benjamin,

Where are you coming from with this? It seems you're angry and I'm not sure if you're expressing it at the appropriate people. TAB for example wasn't anyone trying to solve all the worlds ills, but rather some thoughtful people trying to have a small but positive effect, through the art that they love.

You make some very good points, and I agree with you for example that it is up to each of us to go home and do the work (I took some of these ideas back to a seminar in the UK recently).

Re Japan - Fair enough, though interestingly Aiki Extensions has only one member in Japan. I would take your line of thought as an argument for why aikido needs to be extended and not for why it can't work at all.

Re corporations and youth - people have taken aiki ideas to gangs, fortune 500 companies , the armed forces and other diverse groups - usually with very positive results. I can e-mail names and details if this is an area of interest.

I would end with the saying used by Amnesty, "It's better to light a candle than complain about the darkness." and by making a sincere request that we not flame in regard to this as it could have some serious consequences for worthwhile programs and people that I care about.

Be well,


PS - Ask Ikeda Sensei about Don and his colleagues if you have doubts - I believe the two have been friends for some time.
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