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Re: Aikido injuries

Hi again to "special appearance",
Thanks for that introduction, and I wish you and your dojo best of luck in training and enjoying the other things Aikido can give a person.
I respect your wish not to give details about place and names, and I think it's not relevant either- you were talking on your behalf, and no one elses.
I like the fact that you put more into your Aikido than just training (learning the language, history etc.) I think it adds alot.

Thanks for your reply to my post. I know Aikido is not everyones life, and I just gave it as an example. I do think everyone should find some hobby or something that they enjoy to enrich their lives, be it music, cooking, sports etc...
I also know what you mean about a surgeon with hand injuries (though I think they cannot continue to operate if they do damage their hands- just like if they get Parkinson, Altzheimer or anything of the sort).
I respect the father and his concerns for his daughter's wellfare, but it seems he he the one writing and I wonder if the daughters thoughts are in correlation with her fathers. I sure hope they are, and wether it is so or not, is not the case here.
I just wanted to point out that people should do things in life that enrich it. We live here once and realizing it when you're 70 is quite a drag... you missed alot meanwhile. Since we take chances so many times in our lives, sometimes doing things we love to do is not that much of a risk even if we see our future as a doctor-surgeon for example.
At the end, the daughter will make her own decisions (or should) for it is her life and she should live it. I agree to hear opinions from all sides, and just want them to be balanced, so that the final decision she makes would not be regreted because of information not mentioned.
I'm blabering too much...
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