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Re: Aikido and being Christian

lots of stuff. My head is really beginning to hurt taking in all this information and trying to organize it.

I would agree with Peter Goldsbury on many of his points of course, especially about aikido and the non-connection to any religion.

I suppose what I am exploring or trying to dissect is this.

What happens when the core princples and values of aikido do not allign with the principles/values/beliefs of an individual?

I am talking way beyond the typical focus we get with religious based discussions of the whole shomen, bowing, philosophy thing...but down to the core of what is important.

The founder had some a very definitive belief about the practice of aikido and what the practice would lead to. It was based largely on his beliefs that stemmed from his life experiences and that from Omoto-Kyo.

Do these underpinnings still carry weight and how much influence to they have on the goals of aikido today? (not sure I am saying that right). Have they become so watered down, that aikido is essentially a secular practice that we do good to feel good about ourselves? If so, what is the importance to that.

I am really interested at a very base level of how some Christians make that connection. I do believe it can be done, but I get very confused about the dogma presented that sometimes seems to be contrary at some level to the goals of budo. (it could be simply my lack of understanding.)

Maybe the questions should be turned, not toward Christianity or any religion, but toward aikido.

What role does tolerance, compassion, humanism and all that play in aikido?
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