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Evil Eyes Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

I have heard some stories about people I guess transfusing thier Ki into trees to help them grow. I have also seen pictures of Morihei Ueshiba doing so. Now, I know people are skeptical about this, but, it doesen't matter if this is possible or not. Alot of what we do in Aikido is having the mind lead the body by what is called projecting Ki. And meditating in such a way as to try to project Ki into a tree might be very helpful. It is a very innocent exercise, and with practice, whether it is possible or not you will get the old Placebo effect and your mind may create sensations in your body when you visualize energy coming from your extended fingers into the tree or plant. With this effect you can't learn to identify how you can abruptly recreate these sensations and use it to project Ki in techniques.
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