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Evil Eyes Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

There is something very cool that I discovered a long time ago about Zazen meditation. In all the stories of the Samurai and the Buddhists of old Japan I have heard about the importance about the cultivation of strength in the Hara through breathing in Zazen, and how you come to undertand the subtleties and spiritual powers of the world around you. When I first began attempting meditation I was REALLY skeptical about this. These stories not only seemed far fetched but appeared to be 100% untrue, almost like the idea of being able to move objects with your mind, ridiculous. But, after months of doing Zazen everyday on a quest to discover what the big deal was I was able to see something.

With much practice I got very good at concentrating on one-point, and I was able to breathe at around 57-67 breaths per hour comfortably. In one session after about 10 minutes I would settle right into it and completey relax, my awarness would extend all around the room. Now then, in Zazen I keep my eyes open and let my eyes relax and fall to stare at the floor about three feet in front of me. In around twenty minutes into the sessions all of the sudden the carpet would start moving, it seemed alot like waves, but the carpet would erratically swirl in spots or reverse direction, very cool. This would occur simply because of the Zazen, and the contemplations were interesting.

In ancient feudal Japan you could imagine what the Samurai and Buddhists would think about this. To me a contemplation would be all objects have atoms, all atoms are in constant movement as well as molecules, in normal perception your mind is moving, and so you cannot see this because your mind is flowing at the same speed, so you need to learn to stop yourself before you can percieve the sublte movement of the world around you. Or perhaps through the cultivation of power and use during Zazen you become a bio-magnetic/electric powerhouse and create disruptive waves all around you on a sub-atomic level.

It seems to me that in times of far-fetched superstitions when people were being burned in other countries, the Japanese were exploring human potential, and in thier journies the stumbled across the effects of prolonged Zazen. Perhaps the effects are only from a complete overdose of oxygen, but to people in the old times there would be no science behind it, they would believe it is spiritual and not just contemplate the ideas. So on my own personal travels in this stuff I have discovered that the old stories may have more truth than we think, but we as a modern society don't burn witches or warlocks anymore because we don't believe such things so quickly.
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