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Re: Seidokan Aikido

No one I know of outside of Japan in Ki Society using Kiatsu-ho or Ki Therapy as an income source with the possible exception of the Oregon Ki society which has the one school outside of Japan to train people who wish to learn just that rather than aikido. It's pretty much a separate thing in Japan as well and most people practicing aikido in Ki Society just use it as a therapy on each other and haven't gone through a certified school course.

Technically Seidokan and Ki Society have a great deal in common which may not be surprising since the Seidokan founder was formerly the Ki Society USA West Coast Chief Instructor. The Aiki Taiso and much of the rest in Seidokan comes from Ki Society. Ki Development is of course the foundation of good technique in this lineage of aikido and people ignore working on it at the risk of eviscerating their aikido.

The recommendation that you just forget all this and go check it out and see if you like the particular school and teachers as well as checking some other schools out is a good one.

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