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Anat Eliraz (Amitay) wrote:
an answer to "special apperance":
with all due respect to both your doctor friends, people should participate in things that let their soul grow and not only their knowledge.
I bet your sugeon friend does hazardous [things with] his hands.
So I can understand his concern with not taking "un-necessary" risks as she builds her carreer.

We all use our hands, even a computer genious, a clerk, a hair dresser etc... My hands are very important for my work, and that did not keep me off the mat.

-how many people did injure them so badly as too lose their ability to work in their profession?

I think it's a bit dramatic, though I will respect a person for deciding not to train for that reason, or any other that is major enough for them.
my two cents
Basically, I can't answer your questions, but I will give you my thoughts. I am not a surgeon, you will have to ask one to get accurate answers.

Here is my thoughts. What little I know via my friends, surgery can be a matter life and death, something to be taken seriously, I hope, since the human body is so complex. I wouldn't want a surgeon with nerve damage to his hands operating on me. Or a person who couldn't do the operation because of a torn ligament in their hand. I would want the best care from someone who studied hard.

I am sure American Medicine has some kind of standards of practice that relate to the condition of surgeon hands. I am guessing on that. When I have a chance, I will speak to my friend about that. Generally, I am not the person to ask.

I provided comments resulting to speaking with my doctor friends, I presented their professional view. I recommended that both father and daughter speak to a surgeon, and or a teaching surgeon about injuries she might experience and how it might affect her career and specialty.

I give props to the father for being a concerned parent. He loves his daughter and doesn't want her to get hurt. He wants her to achieve her goals, it is very supportive of. As parent, I would do the same thing, in looking out for my kids in their best interest no matter how old their they are. That is a parent, adult children respect that.

Aikido isn't the be all and end all for everyone. Most people live with out it. It isn't a career, it doesn't put food on the table, it can help some people with living. People do Aikido, not gods, so you will run in to all sorts of people and personalities. Just as there are as many dojos, there are different interpretations by different people of what Aikido is and isn't. So my friend, if a father is concerned about an instructor, he probably is right that the current instructor or dojo may not be for his daughter. His concerns are valid.

Good luck and best wishes.
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