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Re: When is long enough to long?

Mr Hooker, excellent question! my personal opinion is long enough is up to the individuals desire and physical capabilities. I liken this to when I had to quit power lifting I was 34 and after multiple elbow,shoulder and chest injuries none overly severe but I realized that I was done. I still lift but only to stay in shape with light weight and lots of cardio. Which brings me to physical condition; I believe that if the aikidoka remains in good health and physical condition he/she should be able to train late in life. The rub is excess
shortens the life of theaikidoka's training.
Smoking,drinking,overeating, and lack of exercise will shorten the life span of any activity especially one that can require some physical exertion. When I first got into aikido I went to a local dojo and a man was sitting at a bench smoking and drinking a beer Thought nothing of it at the time until he turned out to be the sensei, I am not being judgmental but the choices we make in life in general dictate how we age.
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