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Re: When is long enough to long?

This is an excellent thread, I've often thought of these ideas and wondered.

On the subject of training all the time no matter your age, I say thats fine, as long as you adapt your training to suit your pyshical needs. However I do find it quite telling that many of the 'senior'instructors stopped training intensely very early on in their careers.

The other thing about rank, ok, someone who trained with o'sensei has a certain advantage over the rest of us, but, his students, todays shihan, roughly took something like 10 years to reach the sort of 6-9th dan mark. For anyone else it takes about 20-30 years to reach 6th dan and a lifetime to reach 9th dan, training regularly. This is because of time constraints, etc etc. While Im not saying that we should water down the time it takes and embrace the mc'dojo culture, I do find It quite ironic that the people that enforce the gradings are the ones that benefitted from the very quick promotions back in the day. Something to think about huh?

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