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Re: A perspective on learning Aikido

Robert Rumpf wrote:
You've now got yourself hardwired with an essentially empty gesture - unless those exact circumstances come up again.. If you're in aikido class, and you have that same type of response, you just reacted to something that hasn't happened (and potentially missed something that has).
Absolutely - what puzzled me was that something "not my conscious me" had made this a habit, and seems to hold onto it so tightly although it is now obsolete. It just unveils an ability that goes unrecognized by "me" in my daily activities. What the heck else do "I" do this way?
Yes, I do understand that you must respond to what comes at you, and that different people take different responses. My wish for good habits was more to somehow internalize "use hips, not shoulders", "don't stare at hand", "head up", "downwards is a friend" etc. so I no longer have to think about it and can just apply it to whatever technique we may be practising. Or would that also be a bad habit, then?
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