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Mike Haftel
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Re: What Makes a Technique an "Aikido" Technique?

I think the very nature of this discussion is invalid.

There is no such thing as an "aikido technique." All martial arts are stylistic interpretations of the same principles. Afterall, a principle is true in every case no matter how it is applied, otherwise it isn't a principle. It's like argueing over truth. What is true is always true, otherwise it isn't true. Somewhat circular, I know. But it makes sense.

The principles which make aikido "techniques" work are the same which make karate, kung fu, jujutsu, wushu, hung gar, tai chi, (insert art here) work. It's all the same. Just applied differently.

What is down, is down. What is heavy is heavy, relaxation is relaxation, blending is blending, I could go on and on about this.

The emphasis should be put on how and why technique works, not on the technique itself.
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