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Re: A perspective on learning Aikido

"I only practice Aikido twice a week. I wonder how I can get any of my technique to 'natrual movement'."

I'm with you there. One of the ATMs at the bank I go to used to spit out the receipt with some force, causing it to flutter to the ground unless you were prepared for it. I've used that bank for nine years. They've changed the ATM machine, or adjusted it, and it now politely holds on to the receipt until you are ready to grab it. However, I still stand there, holding my hand over the opening, ready to catch it. Talk about conditioning! And this is NOT something I have consciously worked on, it seems as if some secret connection between my body and mind just does it by itself. Amazing what it will hold on to on its own - what else might be lurking there? I even moved away for a year and a half, and when I came back I did it exactly the same way. Now, why can't my body just do the same thing in aikido???
I don't know how many times my instructors can tell me variations on the same couple of things. I am conscious of it, and I can see when I don't do it, but for the life of me I can't seem to internalize it or make it natural. HOW LONG DOES THIS TAKE????
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