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Re: A perspective on learning Aikido

Roosvelt Freeman wrote:
She needs to drink water every day, five times a day at least. It's been 5 years, she hasn't get it down anywhere to "natrual movement". I only practice Aikido twice a week. I wonder how I can get any of my technique to "natrual movement".

In a world of instant gratification, I wonder if I can speed up the progress.
On the plus side, we, as adults with a lot more time uner our belts, have a lot more complimentary experiences from which to draw. I played soccer for 11 years before I started Aikido, which I imagine helped when i was trying to focus on foot-work. In the same regard, we have more time from which we can aquire and make stick many bad habits we have to subsequently "unlearn", so i guess it can work both ways.

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