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Re: Lunging range and random thoughts on Aikido.

Originally posted by shihonage
One person jokingly referred to it as "the art of defending yourself against someone who is running straight into you."

As a 5th kyu, that's how I'm seeing it now. I think Aikido relies on the farthest range - the lunging range, because the practitioner is not interested in closing the distance to attack in other ranges (kicking, punching, grappling, CQB).
An alternative random thought to add to your random thought with which I agree

Lunging range works extremely well until you're cornered but you can still use it to your advantage by doing a powerful irimi technique at the point when the aggressor lunges at you.

Actually, being cornered gives the aggressor a false sense of superiority (they think you can't move back anymore ), so they lunge even more, giving you even more energy to do an irimi technique.

Check out this link, it utilises a lunging knife strike, but the principles are the same (especially for the last one)

My random thoughts


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