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Re: can aikido benefit from chinese arts?

Can aikido benefit from Chinese art?
My take is no. My own understanding is that Chinese art are too complicated and flowery in contrast to aikido. I see aikido movement as very much derived from Kenjutsu; its movement is precise, minimalist and economical. Ever see how a Chinese jian or dao performer do their routine? It is so different from a kenjutsu practitioner isn't it. So my take is that.... NO, they are too different in philosophy, style, skill set and mentality to be of mutually beneficial. I would view them separately as two distinct art.

However, as Ian point out wrt to kokyu, ki and internal power, I think such things exist in both arts; aikido and Chinese kung fu. As a matter of fact, internal power also exist in Indian martial art, Russian sambo, Greek Pankratian, BJJ, GrecoRoman Wrestling, Synchronized swimming, Figure Skating....etc etc. It is how it is been taught or emphasizes that differs between the various art.


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