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Re: A perspective on learning Aikido

"For example, when our consciousness becomes aware of thirst, we realize "I am thirsty", which can trigger the action of going to the kitchen, open the cupboard, maybe avoid the cereal pack (mistakenly put there) without making it fall, move towards the tap, fill the glass with the appropriate quantity, bring it our mouth in order to finally quench one's thirst, all this done while thinking about the problem we currently have to deal with our son. The "Natural movement" is a wonder of cleverness and talent."

If you watch my kid, you'll realize what you described needs a lot of practice to become "natrual movement". Her "natrual movement" is from "crying" to "dady, I'm thirsty.", to "dady, can you open the fridge?", to a few broken glasses in the floor. I haven't got her to do the whole thing by herself yet.

She needs to drink water every day, five times a day at least. It's been 5 years, she hasn't get it down anywhere to "natrual movement". I only practice Aikido twice a week. I wonder how I can get any of my technique to "natrual movement".

In a world of instant gratification, I wonder if I can speed up the progress.
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