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Re: can aikido benefit from chinese arts?

So John who was the Tomiki instructor. Frankly speaking kuzushi is the bread and butter of Tomiki Aikido and resistance is a present to some of these guys. Unless of course you were doing kata training where the level and type of resistance is very specific - stepping outside of that your first time in is well ...

Secondly - Tomiki people do their kokyu training through drills such as kiriki no yosie and shote-awase. We use quite specific terms and descriptions. If you come in using jargon foreign to the practice they know - well my response would be less polite than the deer in the headlights but that's just me.

I have my own ideas what constitutes good Aikido - could your instructor throw me with his pinky if I approached him with the same attititude you seem to have displayed.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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