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Ai symbol Re: MMA vs. Traditional Arts

Originally posted by Scott_in_Kansas
"Mixed Martial Arts are more effective than traditional martial arts."
I guess it depends on the individual, and in the case of Aikido (as a traditional martial art) it may depend on the style of Aikido.

Many many moons ago when I had just begun training in Aikido, a friend of mine who taught a self defence form of Karate mixed with Jujitsu (Go Shin Do I think it was called)wanted me to come to his class instead, saying that an "art will never be as practical as something more tailored to self defence."

I decided to take my chances with Aikido. Now we're many years later, and guess who's requesting private Aikido classes to enhance the "practical self defence aspect" of his own mixed Karate-based style?

How the tables turn sometimes.

Not ALL Aikido however, may be "effective" in practicality.

My 2 cents.


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