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Re: When is long enough to long?

I have been physically active, pushing the limit, since I was a child and at 43 am not ready to stop yet. My body, however, is beginning to show signs of wear. One danger I have seen in others is to slow down too quickly - some 'lose it' and become fat quite soon. I'll just keep going as long as I can. I am not as fit as all of my students but am fitter than most and intend to keep it that way.

My grandfather was still climbing on his roof to fix it at 80 ... and if you look at elderly Koreans or Japanese or Chinese, many are incredibly fit, male and female alike. They can beat me up the mountain no problem. Our generation has had it too easy and will not surpass the present elder generation, who when young had little or no antibiotics and often went without and are in a sense, pure survivors.

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