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Evil Eyes Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

Personally i think your opinions are great, this is exactly what I'm looking for, I agree with all, who cares about the nail, it's just a nail. There is something to be learned from this though. This nail bending exersise is a great enigma of mind. I think that you can spend years trying to figure out if this is worth it, as I have, "What is the point" however when you realize you can't do it- it becomes interesting, it lets you know there really is something more you CAN gain. My old Sensei never said really what the point was or why it was so important, I guess it is just something anyone who tries it has to figure out themselves. I don't think it's the nail that matters, or the math, it's like there is a weaker part of the brain which you can learn to grow which is capable of subduing pain ignoring physical/mental limits, but I have to say before Aikido I do meditation in Zazen and after years of trying to bend a nail by applying mental focus to physical usage I can actually feel uke behind me in Randori. I suck at Randori, but, the one cool thing is that I know exactly where everyone is even against 5 ukes, that is a strength, even if i cannot SEE them because 2 or 3 are behind me.

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