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Re: Aikido injuries

I'd go to the dojo and check the instructor out. If I didn't practice aikido, I'd take an aikidoka (or other martial atrist) with me and get his opinion as well.

I have personally seen some instructors that were rougher than others, but injuries are also often a complete accident.
I teach once a week for my sensei, and I think I'm a pretty nice guy. I'm very careful with my students, but sometimes they get injured. Often, it's because they want to see if they can resist, overpower, reverse, or otherwise challenge martial techniques that have been effective for thousands of years .

Aikido is a labor of love. Injuries will probably happen. Walkin' out the door in the morning puts you at some risk.

MDs that specialize in sports injuries often are taught different things in college than martial artists are taught from their instructors. Pain meds can numb injured body parts resulting in their not being treated as gently as they should, and sometimes being re-injured. Pain tells us something is wrong with us; it should be controlled, but not shut off completely.

In my experience, when someone has an major injury that requires long-term management, often it's because it was ignored when it was a minor injury.

If your wrist hurts a little when you bend it, don't "tough it out". Stay the heck off the mat and let it heal!!

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