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Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

Lynn Seiser wrote:
IMHO, nice palor tricks, but how does bending a nail help develop wisdom or compassion in the real world.

I have never tried to do Aikido while bending a nail, usually I just try not to hurt anybody too much.

How much of your training enviroment do you miss by focusing on the nail?
How does tossing someone on the floor develope wisdom or compassion in the real world?
Sorry, Lynn. Just havin' a little fun with ya.

I think they were actually supposed to NOT think about the nail, hence their karate sensei's math assignment. I think the whole point of bending the nail is the same as the point of breaking boards; it's just a way of opening a student's eyes and making them say, "Oh, I guess I can do that after all!" It's seems like just a different way to learn focus (on something besides the board or the nail) and feel empowered.

When in a randori, we practice so that we can deal gently with an uke while directing our MENTAL attention to the next uke. 'Just doin' the math, man, just doin' the math.

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