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Evil Eyes Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

On Zazen Breathing Meditation

I once read a story in a book called "Secrets of the Samurai" about a Buddhist monk who was of course a Zazen practitioner. I know and understand that great power can come from breathing couple with movements and force. The monk was said to have crossed like a mile to two mile long bridge on but one breath. In Zazen the idea is to learn to make your Hara your new lungs. After much practice the cool outdoor air you breathe into your lungs which you can feel fill them you WILL come to feel it enter your lower stomach. It almost feels like you have rewired your body and oxygen goes directly to your Hara.

Learning to prolong your breathing helps to control your breath in a aggressive encounter, to cut right through panic, and if you can comfortably prolong one breath for 3- 4 minutes imagine how powerful your movements will be to take a huge and powerful lung capacity and fire it out in a split second, there will be alot of power coming from your center and lungs. Also, prolonging breathing initially causes panic so go slow and grow in seconds through time, and measuring time can't help but make you more aware of your breath- which is a nessecity in encounter for relaxation I hear.
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