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Ki Symbol Re: can aikido benefit from chinese arts?

I think that just because you "know" the techniques in Aikido doesnt mean you "understand" what they truly are or where they come from. Many people who practice Kata, could never explain what they are doing, and the few who could tell only a few of those would be able to explain the orgins and applications. In Chinese Kung Fu, it is very addaptible to situations, it flows, much like the philosophy of Aikido. I study O-Mei Kung Fu, along with Shorei Goju-ryu Karate and Aikido. It isnt a separate practice and study but it is all together. Being a Kung Fu artist, I have been able to pick up Aikido without as much difficulty as I have doing the Kung Fu techniques. Styles like Eagle Claw, and Dragon are remarkably close to Aikido, for they offer joint manipulation, energy redirection, and internal power. Do I think Aikido can bennift from Chinese Arts? No, I think Aikido is a beautiful art and is fine the way it is, but I think the practitioner can bennifit.
You must not worry about what style you are going to use, that is where I used to mess up all the time, it is until I just "flow" as Bruce Lee stated, that I begin to realize techniques arising that I didnt even mean to just happens. Many of times strikes do fly, blocks are executed only to be turned right into what many would consider an AIkido move,,,,to me it is doing what must be done. I would have to say the fluidity of Kung Fu, and the walking techniques is what has abled me to pick up Aikido techniques the way I have. The internal practices are Extremely important too, to me the Shaolin practices of this has been the most helpfull to me, and the most complete.

"When you cease to strive to understand, then you will know without understanding." -- Caine
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