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Re: can aikido benefit from chinese arts?

Ones Aikido practice can benefit from almost any training one does... Chinese arts, Aiki-jutsu, Systema, Iaido, Kenjutsu, etc. It just depends on what your prioities are? Do you train in another art simply to make your Aikido better or are you training to master the other form?

I think that at some point one makes ones choices and then tries to take his art out to the limit. Just because one "masters" one style, that does not mean one has mastered all. Many of the senior Americans in Japanese martial arts started in Aikido but chose to do other styles eventually. This gives them a unique insight into Aikido from their special perspectives but it doesn't mean they operate at the highest levels of Aikido. A kobudo man is a kobudo man not an Aikido man.

As Ellis Amdur Sensei once said, you tend to "become" the style you train in, although he certainly meant having given that style a whole hearted commitment. Do enough T'ai Chi and you are a T'ai Chi practitioner, even though you might have started in Aikido. Do both equally and I am not sure that you get to the depths of either... just my own supposition.

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