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Re: can aikido benefit from chinese arts?

I can only hope that some of you see this and understand it.

Aikido is the study or practice of harmonizing energy.

If you can feel your opponents energy than manipulation is simple.

This means that is you practice with a partner over and over and over again, you are going to learn to feel their energy. Now continue this in other arts. Feel their energy. Not everyone on the street is going to come at you Aikido style. So now that times have long passed, it is time to apply Aiki in other ways.

Learn how to relax and empty yourself and trust in the techniques even in Karate, Kung-Fu, etc etc. It doesnt matter what you take, it will improve your Aikido. Why? Because you are responding to an attack.

How many kicks do you respond to in Aikido? Should you practice that more? How many times have you had to respond to a single or double leg takedown? How many times have you had to try to blend to a Muay Thai style kick? How many times have you tried your Aikido on a boxer? How many times have you used your Aikido outside of Aikido?

My personal belief is that you train your Aikido in every way possible. Staying in parameters only leaves you in a confined space of learning.

Why did Ueshiba travel to learn? To get outside of the box. You should take his example and run with it. It worked for him, and it will continue to work for everyone that is in search for knowledge.

It is the students that think they have found everything they are looking for that will not go any further than they are now.

Many Aikidoist look to Ueshiba's example in Aikido, but they leave out his example in the overall martial arts world. Be like him, learn everything you can.

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