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Re: can aikido benefit from chinese arts?

Saotome said recently that his aikido definitely benefits from sewing. That fine needlework improves his sensitivity he needs for takemusu aiki. Playing guitar or other instruments could help as well.

So probably any similar art could support aikido, even Chinese paintings or Chinese pottery.

Maybe that is not what you were looking for.

In beginner classes we did a lot of tai chi to improve our balance and the feeling for where you are and where you are moving to.

So if you ask if your personal aikido would benefit from other (martial) arts, it is just like the cross-traing questions and Chinese arts are not better by themselves as other martial art.

And if you ask if the aikido techniques should be improved applying principles or techniques of (Chinese) MA, I would say, not necessarily, but you can develop your own aikido. If you are good enough and your aikido is convincing, that might change aikido in total, or just create yet another organisation

Kind regards Dirk
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