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Re: can aikido benefit from chinese arts?

As a student of statistics, i'd say the good ole bell curve and pareto principle would apply to Martial arts as well. out of 100 students, 80% will simply "not get it". The other 20% will grasp the concepts, and maybe one or two can acheive a level considered "mastery". However, it would be very few that could/would acheive the level of enlightment or understanding that some one of O'sensei's.

I'd say even if you had the right art that had all the right exercises, AND had the master himself, then maybe one out of 1000 would even get close to replicating that level of performance or mastery!

Certainly I'd say the Chinese arts have something to offer. If nothing else a different perspective. You can't be clubbed over the head enough with the same concepts and different methodologies! Something just might click for you in a different art!
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