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Walter Wong
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Re: help on drawing and sheath the sword

It varies from dojo to dojo about when you move from bokuto to Iaito to Shinken.

For the beginner, my dojo only needs a couple of months training with bokuto before allowing Iaito unless you have previous experience in another ryu training with Iaito then an Iaito is ok first day. For Shinken, my sensei I think gives the ok on an individual basis. Or allowed after several years of training with Iaito.

Some dojos spend a year or longer with bokuto then allow Iaito. Then allowing shinken after a long time with Iaito.

Some dojo move on to Iaito after briefly training with bokuto.

Some dojo don't use Iaito at all and move on to shinken after a long time of using bokuto. Some dojo have you use a shinken right away after briefly training with a bokuto. And afterwards, just use shinken for solo work & tameshigiri (only if tameshigiri is allowed and or a part of the curricullum) and continue to use bokuto for paired partner work.

Every dojo differs in preference and requirements. A year with bokuto isn't a standard for every dojo.
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