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Steve Mullen
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Re: Aiki Doh's

picture the scene, it's my third-kyu grading, im taking it with a girl from the same class as me and a student from another dojo in our organisation, it was the first time we had graded in front of a senior panel (our organisation preferring to keep the stress levels down by grading up to 4th kyu in class). everything had been going really well and i thought i had got the better of my nerves until sensei (who in this case was the head of our whole organisation) asked if any of us had been practicing happu-giri (which is on the 2nd kyu sylabus). quick as a flash came three replies of "yes sensei" (all pretty much total lies as we had only briefly looked at it after class with a senior student). "Okay Steve you're up first" (glup, bigger glup, huge gulp) "yes sensei" i had secretly been hoping i would get to see at least one person do it first to refresh my memory. so up i step and give it my all "well done lad" comes the reply from my clearly impressed sensei "only....... we usually do it with a bokken, not a jo" one T.V. style double-take from me and the aiki-doh is complete

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