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Re: can aikido benefit from chinese arts?

Ian Dodkins wrote:
This is related to previous threads (resulting that it was difficult to determine if Ueshiba was influenced by Chinese martial arts). BUT what wasn't solved is a pertinent question arising from these discussions:

- Can the study of chinese martial arts directly benefit aikido?
Definitely. But the problem is from who you can learn the Chinese martial arts.

If you think Aikido is not very effective in teaching the "internal power", I believe it's worse in Chinese martial art.

I think only a few person who actually accquired the "internal power". And it may not be good to your health. I think O'sensei once said if he hadn't learned how to dodge bullet, he might have lived longer. So they don't really want to teach.

Another posibility is that those who achieved that level don't know how to get there. They can only teach you what they've done, but they don't really know which part of the excercise is essential.
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