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Re: can aikido benefit from chinese arts?

Ian, I guess that you already have read Ellis Amdurs blog "Hidden in plain sight" over at and the following discussions (165 replys last time i checked)?

Kokyo development:
Personally I think this is the primary benifits of morote dori kokyo ho and suburi-training. (Tom Yawata stated on the discussion following the "Hidden..." that morote dori kokyo-ho as done in Iwama-style aikido has striking similarities to Yoshinkans exercises that aim to develop elbow power (Hiriki no yosei?) )

But then again, Im a noob.

Training in chinese arts: It could certainly be beneficial for ones development in aikido, but if I had a choice I would rather seek an opportunity to train in Daito Ryu since it seems that it contains quite a bit of internal training.

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