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Re: Uchi Deshi?

Nathan Gidney wrote:
Uchi Deshi programs are basicaly legal slavery.


Do you really want to learn by being a slave? Is that the best way you learn? Is that the way you WANT to learn? Don't enter into something like this lightly. Koichi Tohei sensei wasn't an uchi deshi and he is arguably the best student o sensei ever had.
Uchideshi terms are entered into voluntarily. And they are a reflexive relationship. You agree to give yourself fully, and let go of a good deal, mostly, your ego, and in return, you receive training that differs from that possible for soto-deshi; in part, because much of the training takes place off the mat, during quiet hours, serving meals, repairing the dojo, etc., all under the direct eyes of one's teacher. Not that uchideshi training is superior to soto-deshi training - they are just different paths, serving different purposes, and they are equally valid.

Therefore, I can't agree with the quote above. I would encourage anybody who desires it to dive in fully.
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