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Re: Poll: If you didn't train at all as uke, would you still be training aikido?

I am really curious, what that could mean.
A dojo where they have professional uke to speed up nage waza training?
A dojo where both partners do nage waza and they never perform a technique as that would force the partner to take ukemi?
An eternal gaeshi waza, until one stops the "kata" standing? Could be an idea, but it wouldn't be so much fun. Maybe I would implement such aikido, if I would work with people, who cannot or my not go down, e.g. handicapped people. I know there are some aikido instructors, who work with handicapped people. Do you have some classes without uke? NeedN#t be handicapped, but other people of unhealthy constitution or eldery beginners.

I do not vote this time.

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