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Re: Uchi Deshi?

"Uchi Deshi programs are basicaly legal slavery"
You clearly have very little idea about uchideshi or slavery then!
I spent nearly 5 months in Iwama and it was 1 of the best times in my life, Very hard life and sometimes very easy( mondays)
always better than having a job though.
You learn a lot lot more and hell of a lot faster than normal training

As for tohei being-"arguably the best student o sensei ever had."

How the hell do ya get that mate?
He was not under the founder any where near the period of Saito sensei, even thoug tohei started well before him.
IN MY OPINION SAITO WAS BY FAR THE GREATEST, BUT THATS ONLY MY OPINION. Im sure there are others with there own views.
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