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Re: Two teachers...

Christopher Juliano wrote:
Thanks Joshua
What was the training experience like at the NY dojo? Did Yamada and Sugano Sensei teach the classes or is there a assistant instructor? I kinda figured they were crowded classes, was there a difference in the class size from during the week to the week end? Sorry for all the questions, I just like to gather info.
I've never actually trained at the Dojo, but I know a lot of people who have and thus have heard many reports of their experiences.

Yamada and Sugano hold regular classes when they are not out at seminars, as well as other Yudansha, depending on the time of day and day of the week.

The above is their current training schedule. You will of course have different number of students training depending on the class time and who is teaching. Also it will vary from year to year, and I have't spoken with anyone who has trained their in the past year, so I'm not sure what it's currently like, but nearly everyone comments on how little space there is to move around and train.

I would also highly recommend taking any classes Donovan Waite Sensei teaches. He's awsome to work with.

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