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Re: Uchi Deshi?

I was uchi-deshi under patrick Cassidy twice, totaling a year in all. The first time I did it I had only be studying aikido for 6 months, and just jumped in head first. I'm glad I did. You learn faster and better as uchi-deshi, you can truly submerse yourself in study, and soak up lots (if you open yourself to it). I would start right away if I were you, and if your mind keeps coming back to it, then you probably want to do it. Try if for about 3 months (you need to give yourself some adjustment time, you might not like it in the first month) and see if you like it. Programs will differ from teacher to teacher. You can generally expect lots of responsibility (in the form of taking care of the dojo, and being an example of dedication and manors to the other students), and lots of hard work (in many cases on and off the mat). First time I was Uchi-deshi my Sensei had just gotten a new dog, guess who was responsible for taking care of the dogs accidents! Stuff like that might seem uncool, but it's all about just giving to the situation, just do what you want to do (get better at Aikido) and give anything to that experience, give to your teachers and fellow class mates and you will receive a wealth of knowledge back!

-Chris Hein
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