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Re: Hard Floor

Interesting set of opinions.

Take a step back and consider the purpose of ukemi.

I can think of 2 things initially;

Firstly to enable ones partner to practice.
Secondly to experience what your partner is doing.

In allowing your partner to practice does it make any difference what he throws you on? No. Other than a softer surface should increase your chances of coming back for more.

In terms of the second - will a hard floor enhance your capacity to feel what your partner is doing....or divert your attention to self-preservation?

I have practiced ukemi on hard surfaces...I've practiced grappling on hard surfaces (and even a soft surface is not much fun without a gi on).

Its not something that you need to do a lot of.

Why don't we train on concrete? because its stupid.

Who knows of anyone that has used a forward roll in a fight.

Breakfall maybe...but not by choice.

I'd imagine there are exceptions..but they are likely to be in a very small minority.

In the heat of the moment a few concrete burns won't make a jot of difference. You wont even find them until later.

But they'll certainly get in the way of regular attendance at class.

anyway - I digress.

In this instance the focus should be on the thrower and not the throwee! If theres going to be trouble I'll not be volunteering for ukemi.




ps. Phil - you have a better physique than me for shock absorption anyway - I'll have to train a lot harder to catch you up!

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